103 Pratt Street, Hartford, CT 06103 860-727-4014




    The Russell has remained consistent in guaranteeing its patrons a delectable menu and a memorable dining experience in Hartford. It has fulfilled the dreams of the owner as becoming a landmark and destination for locals and visitors of Downtown Hartford.

    A Multidimensional Dining Experience

    Visitors love the Russell’s interior, which reminds them of an intimate getaway in a classic island hotel. “The Russell should feel like home,” says owner Hugh Russell, “I wanted to create a warm and cozy atmosphere.”

    The Russell provides an environment where local artists can freely and comfortably exhibit their talents. Hung on its walls are painted canvases – the work of local artists. Stop in The Russell on any Monday night for “The Love Jones Experience”, where you are guaranteed to be thoroughly entertained by soulful sounds and poetry of local artists.